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I use null's plugin and epsxe to run FF9's sound. As for my computer:

AMD athlon 800 mhz
50x CD drive
sound blaster live value
voodoo3 2000 16mb
Bios used: 7502.bin
GPU plugin used: lewpy
Sound plugin: null 1.3

The problem is that the regular game itself run ok. However whenever it comes to FMVs sometimes there is no sound and sometimes there is. And some options really lag the FMVs but not the game. So I wanna know what options you FF9 players use for null's plugin and epsxe options for sound. Some Faqs on this site have mysteriously dissapeared so sorry if this is the billionth post about it. What are your sound options for FF9? Your reply would be appreciated. (My options are kinda messy now so I couldn't post mines)
Thank you

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>null 1.3
1.3.what? I had a similar problem with mysteriously silent MDECs. Downgrading from 1.3.5 to 1.3.4 solved the problem.

As for my settings:

22050Hz, 16bit
buffer length: 40
block: 5

Options checked:
Use reverb, enable VAG Stream, linear interpolation.
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