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i have some sound problem with metal gear solid
it is like an echo after each word like colonel l l l l or snake ke ke ...

th is my config

processor p IV 2.4 Gh
memory ram 256 ddr
graphic card GeForce 4 MX440
hard disk 60 Go
windows XP professionel

I use

gpupeted3d 1.76 ( i click nice )

and this is my config for sound plugin

audio device : direct sound / buffer size : 64
audio out method : SPUasync / Async mode : simple
special game fix : SPU IRQ - wait CPU action
misc : wait for XA buffer is free
fibne tune 0
reverb neills
i dont use enable SPU IRQ hack

I have Avance AC'97 Audio as sound card

thanks for help


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Experiment with your Reverb Settings, or try PEOPS audio plugin using Gaussian Interpolation.

Avance AC97 is a generic onboard audio controller, so there could be any number of issues with the audio... A Sound Blaster Live! 24-Bit card *might* fix your audio problems if nothing else does for about $30 on newegg, giving you potential for 7.1 Surround Sound and a massive quality upgrade from most onboard audio controllers. Onboard AC97 Audio is to audio what the SiS Via Onboard video controller is to video. It will work with passable quality, till you really want to do something and can't. Really, any new PCI audio card would be an improvement, but if you are into gaming and on a budget, get the SB Live.

EDIT: Misleading wording.

EDIT 2: Also check to see if you have programs running that might consume a large amount of resources. Especially watch out for .NET applications, as their method of memory allocation can screw you over badly while trying to play games.

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I had almost the exact same problem, a definate warbling in the audio.

I was using Eternal 1.41, nothing could fix it. I've switched off to P.E.Op.S Dsound Audio Driver Version 1.9 and it works beautifully. No more warbling.

Settings are as follows:

Mode: 2 - Use SPUasync
Volume: Medium
Reverb: PSX reverb
Interpolation: Cubic Interpolation

[x] Enable XA Playing
[x] Change XA Speed

[x] SPU IRQ- Wait for CPU Action
[x] SPU IRQ- handles irq in decoded sound buffer areas
[ ] Mono Sound
[ ] Enable Developer Debug
[ ] Enable Sound Recording

Hope it helps!
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