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No$Zoomer does have a noise removing feature.

However there's 3 things which cause sound crackle...or rather 2, the speed the game is run at, either too slow or too fast will make the audio crackle, or alternatively just badly emulated sound for some games.
Now No$Zoomer's noise cancelling will only work if it's badly emulated sound, so if the game is not running fullspeed on your system there's not much it can do.
Also it could be that the noise cancelling in No$Zoomer suddenly stops working and you have to click the feature again a few times to get it to work again, I can only assume this is because the memory from where the buggy audio comes changes and you have to find the correct place again or alternatively the type of buggy audio changes and you have to select the feature a few times again till it selects the correct method of cancelling out that type of buggy audio.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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