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i have a relatively low-end system
pentium 2- 350
256mb ram
voodoo2 12mb
sb live value

anyways, using the epsxe core, eternal spu, or petes dsound (latest versions) the sound is very messed up in the town (outside lightworld) im not sure what they should be, but they seem to be howls, though they sound like NES sounds. The same thing happens in other games. mostly rpg with the magic sounds.
when i use Null2's spu for silent hilll, it seems a little better with general sounds, but the music on fmv's are extremely choppy, and the voice acting cuts out about the last 70% of speech.

oh yeah, im also using lewpy's gpu and it works fine, very nicely actually, but on occasion at certain spots in the game (eg the beginning) in the town lightworld, the screen is covered with greenish blobs kinda. i dont know how else to describe them. just found this a bit interesting

would somebody please tell me which spu's would be the best or how i could fix sound issues?

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