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This is just the dfsound plugin from pcsxr-48419 modified so it does not conflict with the dfsound currently installed. It's only for the 64bit of pcsxr because you can use eternal spu or peopsoftspu for the 32bit of pcsxr.

I recommend using this plugin only for games that don't work with the current dfsound version.

This plugin will play Metal Gear Solid,Legacy of Kain Blood Omen and other games that may not work properly with the current dfsound plugin on 64bit systems.

There are 4 files

1.cfgDFSound2 need to go in /usr/lib64/games/psemu/cfgDFSound2 or /home/username/.pcsxr/plugins need to go in /usr/lib64/games/psemu/ or /home/username/.pcsxr/plugins need to go in /usr/lib64/games/psemu/ or /home/username/.pcsxr/plugins

4.dfsound2.glade2 need to go in /usr/share/psemu/dfsound.glade2

You will need to sudo nautilus (or whatever filemanager you have) to copy this files to those locations. Once you have them copied run pcsxr then hit the configure button go to the sound

you should now see Alsa Sound 1.6.0 and Alsa Sound 1.1.0.
The Alsa Sound 1.6.0 is the one from this package.

Best settings for this plugin is

Volume = Low
Reverb = Off
Interpolation = None
Adjust XA speed = Off
High compatibility mode = Off
SPU IRQ Wait = Off
Single channel sound = Off
Frequency Response = Off

Except for Metal Gear Solid which requires SPU IRQ Wait to be on for sound to work correctly.


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Hello Everyone,

I want to mention that the alsa sound plugin is not working properly with
high compatibility mode on in pcsxr which is need for Metal Gear. However
If you compile the SDL or OpenAL sound plugin high compatibility mode works
fine with metal gear so you don't have to download dsound2 plugin i compiled.
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