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Well I've been trying to figure this out for a couple days now. In Windows 7, no matter what game I play in ePSXe, no matter what the plugin configuration, or even which of the two bios images I have on my pc I use; the sound will lag behind about a second or two. I experienced the same thing in windows xp but it only lagged behind a hundred or so milliseconds so it was barely noticeable unless I really listened closely. Other than that the thing runs flawlessly. Note that I'm using the exact same copy of ePSXe (as in from the same folder) that I use on my XP install, so I know it's not a faulty install.

System Specs if it helps:
Mainboard = MSI P7N Diamond, nForce 780i SLI chipset
CPU = Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66Ghz
Memory = 2x Skillz 2GB Dual Channel (set in appropriate slots for dual channel mode)
Video = 2x XFX Geforce 9600GT Alpha Dog Edition in SLI mode w/bridges attached
Sound = SoundBlaster X-FI Extreme PCIe
HDD0 = 120GB Western Digital SATA @ 3GB/s (windows, drivers, important programs)
HDD1 = 500GB Western Digital SATA @ 3GB/s (games, media, swap file)

As far as drivers are concerned they are all vanilla windows 7 drivers, except for sound which is the vista driver since it enables the advanced options for 4.1 surround to work properly in all applications. I've tried the vanilla windows 7 sound drivers for the X-Fi Extreme but it makes no difference in ePSXe (as in I have the same problem).

I've also tried to restrict ePSXe to just one cpu core through the task manager and a cpu affinity binding program found in the microsoft knowledge base but that didn't help either.
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