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Well I've been trying to figure this out for a couple days now. In Windows 7, no matter what game I play in ePSXe, no matter what the plugin configuration, or even which of the two bios images I have on my pc I use; the sound will lag behind about a second or two. I experienced the same thing in windows xp but it only lagged behind a hundred or so milliseconds so it was barely noticeable unless I really listened closely. Other than that the thing runs flawlessly. Note that I'm using the exact same copy of ePSXe (as in from the same folder) that I use on my XP install, so I know it's not a faulty install.

System Specs if it helps:
Mainboard = MSI P7N Diamond, nForce 780i SLI chipset
CPU = Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66Ghz
Memory = 2x Skillz 2GB Dual Channel (set in appropriate slots for dual channel mode)
Video = 2x XFX Geforce 9600GT Alpha Dog Edition in SLI mode w/bridges attached
Sound = SoundBlaster X-FI Extreme PCIe
HDD0 = 120GB Western Digital SATA @ 3GB/s (windows, drivers, important programs)
HDD1 = 500GB Western Digital SATA @ 3GB/s (games, media, swap file)

As far as drivers are concerned they are all vanilla windows 7 drivers, except for sound which is the vista driver since it enables the advanced options for 4.1 surround to work properly in all applications. I've tried the vanilla windows 7 sound drivers for the X-Fi Extreme but it makes no difference in ePSXe (as in I have the same problem).

I've also tried to restrict ePSXe to just one cpu core through the task manager and a cpu affinity binding program found in the microsoft knowledge base but that didn't help either.

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Eternal SPU set to Spuasync:wait/smooth with a buffer configuration of 30-60
Also assigning the emulator to only use a single core. using Task managers affinity settings.

Further, downloading nhancer 2.5.0 beta, use the latest 185 drivers and set Prerender to 2, and AA/AF to app controlled in a profile created specifically for epsxe.

It may also be an slit issue..... its happened before.

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i got the following settings with no problems using epsxe 1.7.0 open epsxe go to config on the epsxe window at the top for video i use p.e.op.s soft driver 1.18 for sound i use p.e.op.s dsound audio driver 1.9 and if your using vista try turning of the fancy aero desk top enhancments as it seems to slow some machines when gaming then try
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