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I am finding in FMVs and voice overs my sound quality is well wonky. I suspect it is probably because I have a on board sound card however I was wondering if there was any plug-ins which work well with via audio? In game sound works just fine though, I only have a problem with FMVs and voice overs.

Oh in FMVs the sound has some static, speeds up a little every now and then and also slows down every now and then. The voice overs are just plain odd. Sometimes it will skip a syllable and also sometimes it will take a syllable from the next word and mix it with the current word being said.

Any thoughts? I am using the Pete sound plug-in. Oh and selecting the option to regulate the speed of the sound REALLY messes up the music in FMVs.


Ok, I found a plug-in which helped a great deal. Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41

That one fixed the FMVs static however the voice overs are still suffering the same problem
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