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Sound card trouble

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I have two soundcards on my PC, I want to use one for sound to my TV so someone can watch TV while I play games.

The problem is it appears to be very hard to have windows separate soundcards, since close to everything appears to use the primary device by default without allowing me to choose.

Does anyone have any good way to solve this?

Ironically, I know how to choose a soundcard for DirectX, but I'd rather not write my own VLC, just for something like that :p
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Control Panel ----> Sound ----> Audio

That will bascially set the default soundcard for each program that has no option to choose soundcards otherwise
More soundcard Trouble

Well, the problem is WinXP refuses to even list my second soundcard which is a realtek AC97 soundcard, after installing drivers, etc etc, it won't even show up in the control panel->sounds->Audio List
possible IRQ conflict it seems....

You can try putting the 2nd sound card in another PCI slot (as far away as possible)....that might change the IRQ number so there are no conflicts one of the sound cards onboard????
Yes, the AC97 one is onboard
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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