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Okay, I've moved from setting and testing my Dreamcast emulators to doing the same thing with my PSX emus. I have two issues with Soul Edge -Japanese version then- played from a CD: first, if I don't start pressing buttons immediately in the title screen menu the demo fights start instantly; second, when a song ends during a fight -or practice mode-, another song starts, while actually the same song should be played again -example: I'm playing in Taki's stage, with the soundtrack set to arcade, and when Future Dancin' ends Mediterranean Call starts instead of Future Dancin' being played again.
I got the same issues in ePSXe 1.7.0 until I set Pete's plugins for everything -video, sound and CD- and the "instant demo" issue still shows up if I run ePSXe in a window -not a problem since I run in a window just for testing-, so the question is: is it a pSX core issue or are there some setting I can use to solve these issues?

UPDATE: I get the same issue with Rockman X4 played from a CD, when a track ends it isn't repeated, another track is played instead. Could please the staff change the topic title to "Generic music issue and a Soul Edge specific issue"?

UPDATE 2: the sound issue seems resolved, I switched from Realtek HD Audio Output to main audio driver in the sound option. The "instant demo" issue is still around...what should I do to get rid of it in pSX, please? I need to get pSX to work at its best because it renders the energy bars in Soul Edge way better than ePSXe -hope it's a question of bad video plugin settings in ePSXe though.
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