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soul calibur

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hi there.
i have a prob in soul calibur when i play the game is a little slow (about 35-40fps) and when i enter ti a mode there is a black screen when we have to choose player and then it comes back normal.
and i have another prob it is the saves:i can"t save it says this game require 9blocs and when i go to save manager (vmsbrowser) it shows 0blocs (i have never saved before so i don't know what's the prob)
thanks in advance guys :thumb:
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did you try to under/overclock ('-' and '+' buttons), on your hardware you should get full speed. As for memcard, did you format it? black screen... hmmm... gfx glitch ... but I'm not sure, when I was trying sc on chankast on character select screen I had few gfx glitches but not black screen :)
what does it do to overclock or uderclock? isn't it bad for the hardware?
and for the memory card look what i have [img=]
thanks for your replys and sorry that i don't know doing this alone!!
cpu @115 should give u full speed other games need more or less u try and find out (no harm for ur hardware i asked this question before )
the grafix glitch is normal the black screen apears if u have an ati card well u have
nothing u can do about it now wait for another release or switch to wireframe to see ur characters )
no it doesn't do anything dangerous to your hardware (over or underclocking chankast)
also try to run bios of Dreamcast and 'in' it format your memcard.

As deamonhunter said...115 should be ok, but try to experiment with it, if you don't get full speed :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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