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Well, I'm trying to emulate SOTN, and on XEBRA is runs smooth except for the following.
When I equip something in the right hand, as soon as i leave the menu the game freezes.
It doesnt matter if it's a shield or something like a 2 hand sword, the game instant freezes.

Had this happened to any of you before ?

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Hello Classicgameplay10,

Yes you must do that every time you run the game. Yes there is other
games that need a certain setting. Parasite Eve 2 needs at least i-cache
rate of at least 16 or the game will not boot. I beat it with an i-cache rate of
10 though. Also i believe Resident Evil 2 Claire's disc some times hangs
near the chiefs office if you don't lower the i-cache rate. I would try 10.

Xebra i believe is the most compatible playstation emulator i know of but
the gui is not the greatest. Pcsxr and Epsxe are easier to use after you
have configured the plugins and are also lighter then xebra.
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