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Sorry but I need help on ISO image

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Hello All,

Recently I recorded an ISO image using Blindread and want to directly run from ePSXe, but each time I got black screen only. I've tried to write the ISO into CD-ROM and works fine in ePSXe.

I've tried "RUN ISO" from pull down menu also using ISO image CD-ROM plugin also failed, I tried to get a FAQ for CD-ROM but only got some short messages, can you kindly help?

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I use BlindRead for this, and it works fine.
Make sure you change the image file output format to either BIN or ISO. Don't use the BWT format.
Which BlindRead version are you using? I'm currently using BlindRead, and before you create a CD image, you can choose what format you want it in. I always use "CDRWin/FireBurner (.BIN) format". I know older versions of BlindRead do not support this (i.e. only BWT output is available). Upgrade your BlindRead if you have an older version.

As for the CDROM plugin, any one of them would do... I use the internal CDROM plugin to read the BIN file.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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