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Sony's big OUCH...

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lol now if the psp tanks, Sony is in some trouble. But they would have been wise to go the way Microsoft went, settle out iof court. Now they have to pay that + licensing fees for each console sold.
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Kind of old news, this has been out since last month.
Yeah, I read about it on BBC world while Ngemu was down, IIRC Sony had to pay about $90 million to that company because of the controller issue. Where there any more consequences I missed?
Regardless of what problems and troubles Sony get themselves into, they have enough money to settle anything and everything.

r2rX :D
True, they do have enough money to settle anything but they still get into trouble which means loss of money for them, slower production of new systems and games for us so I dont think we gamers want that! :mad:
well.... Sony had its days of glory with the PSX, now they suck, I hope they'll lose as much money as possible.
because sony is teh evil right? :p
oh boy...
Not because they're evil, but because they've stopped funding good games, they probably feel like, ooo our third party support for the PS2 is so good, we don't need to waste any money on things like that....
Uhhh.... there was just as much 3rd party games on the PSX. To be honest I'd rather have lots of different companies encouraged to make games for a system than have one. We've already seen the effects of weighting the development of games on one company with the N64. I'd rather not repeat that traversty thank you very much. MS do the same; they have one or two in house developers (like Bungie) and rely on third party support
As I say, I think third party support is a far better idea than putting the onus on your in house programmers.

Mario 64
Zelda 64
Halo 2

don't think I need to do a complete this list.
...because the list ends here?

:D :evil:

Honestly, the only good "third party" support Nintendo had was Rareware (which could be considered Nintendo II, because they made games exclusively for them).

P.S.: This thread is going slightly :eek:fftopic:
Ico 2
ICO 2? Did Sony produce a sequel to that wonderful game???

P.S.: If I recall correctly, this case is even older. I think that I read something about that half a year ago. As far as I know they sued Sony, because Metal Gear Solid uses the rumbling feature to distract the player while aiming with the sniper rifle... Kinda silly - the dual shock controller is now seven years old (release date: 2nd April 1998) - why didn't they sue Sony earlier?[size=-1]
Its on the works yes. And its looking pretty damn amazing
because the list ends here?
of course not
You can add just about all Zelda games, all Mario games, metroid is really in there too I guess.

Also MS publishes games like Jade Empire, Ninja Gaiden, SW:KOTOR, and give the developer the time to finish the games and help them make them great.


I've only heard great things about ICO... so what I'm saying is Sony should do that with more projects...
I hope that they won't try to develop the plot of the first game any further... The ending was just too good (and sort of open). It would just destroy the whole game.
Have you got the idea how many games has Sony published??

like thousands of them

btw here are some ico2 pics F-3582 :p
Indeed. That's the list of games SCEA and SCEJ have developed not published. The published list is massive. Go have a look at GameFAQs. Get your record straight before you make sweeping generalisations.
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