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sonyericsson k500i infrared problem

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i have some problems with my infra red device.its not working on my system but its working perfectly fine on my cousion's system.Can anyone of u tell me where to find mobile manager software and other related softwares for mobile for free coz everywhere they are paid.
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mobile phones are over commercialised. I agree, I mean who wants to pay $5 for a game that lasts 10 minutes then you finish it!?

The problem may be with your infrared hardware on your PC since it works on your cousins PC.

As for the software? Try this link:
Or to save you time (I understand you ive in egypt...):
No way man. i don live in EGYPT . i live in PAKISTAN
sorry then. ANyway the sonyerricsson link will work for you anyway, just navigate from there...
Hey there, i also own a K500i and i suggest you get this program fma.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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