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Player-X said:
This may be a little off topic but after reading that I can see kids buying a music cd from them and needing a security guard following them home watching thier every move and installing monitoring equiptment everywhere they go just to make sure they don't "pirate" it
going off-topic too....and defending the MPAA in this post (which I hardly do) diserves special treatment :p

Everyone thinks the MPAA runs the movie theaters....well they don't. Movie theaters do not take direct orders from the MPAA, instead they have their own organization, called NATO (National Association of Theatre Owners)....them and the movie theater company set the rules. And those rules (for my theater anyways) is to plaster a anti-piracy poster at the box office, and to only inspect really really big backbacks (like duffel bags, but we don't even do that :p ) Ocassionally, we have a police officer working inside on the busy nights, cause it tends to get a bit roudy with all the inter-city kids. But none of this security guards and metal detectors and any of this ****.

but other then that, blame Canada :D
1 - 1 of 119 Posts
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