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Sonic Heroes Xbox SFD Videos

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Does anyone happen to know how to modify a SFD file to tell it to play Track 2 audio instead of its track 1?

You see Sonic Heroes has 2 audio tracks inside of it's Video files. Track 1 for Japanese and Track 2 for english. The game seems to constantly play track 1 instead of track 2 for some reason. If I can change it to track 2 I could actually understand the videos. =P

BTW Sorry If this is in the wrong forum, but I could'nt find a suitable one.. =P
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Any chance that you are NOT using the original disc? Like... a copy?
SMTP said:
Yea, its a PC Rip version. I copyed my xbox's version of the missing files so I could have music and videos. =P Xbox's videos have 2 audio tracks, PC probley only has one and thats why its playing the jap tracks.

Though there should be a way to edit the videos...
Then buy the game and you'll be fine...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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