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Sonic Adventure DX for Pc prob.

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it doesnt run as smooth as it's supposed too,and it sometimes exits out un knownly.
my computer is fast enough to run it,,so i know that's not the problem.
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sonic adventure dx has an annoying problem thats got probably to do with dsound acceleration. Sometimes I got it to run smoothly, but most of the time it does what you're saying. Try playing with your Dsound settings.
i don't know what dsound is.
lol,i know,i suck.
my copy wont even be installed icant set it up on my win xp
i installed it on my win98 and played it from that folder strange he
about perfomance write your pc specs for me it doesnt run smooth all the time in 1024*768 res eveything maxed
Yeah.. every incarnation of Sonic Adventure DX is a poorly coded piece of crap, sadly.
here are my specs if this helps.
you'd be better off with sonic heroes, as that game doesn't suffer from this problem and is actually quite an awesome port;
As for sonic dx, I think on PC I got it running right once, but it seems to be kinda random, but based on directsound issues...

try changing the slider in the pic... set it to basic.
i already have my settings at that,and i already sonic heroes for gcn.
and if you change it to "none" or "full" ?
too bad ...
you could try vsync settings as well...
right. try turning vsync of your video card on or might help. also, fiddling with the refresh rates might help a little.

What also helps, is Chankast (DC emulator) + Sonic Adventure; It's smooth at least, allthough it might crash later on in the game, not sure.
depends on the videocard.
which one is it?
No wonder it runs bad.. that "videocard" is a piece of crap. :p
nah, sonic dx is really low-spec. It just has a notorious stuttering problem;
I dont know where the vsync for s3 cards are. try the "advanced" button in that window and see if you can find gfx card settings
I realize it doesn't require much, but I don't tihnk even an S3 Unichrome really has what it takes. :p

/me slaps S3
it's not my video card,the system minimum had a card worse than mine.
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