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I've been playing a lot on the nullDC emulator lately, and I have to say it's a great emulator. Good job from the developers.

But there is one slight problem that's driving me nuts. It's the controls from Sonic Adventure 2. You may be familiar with it, I am talking about characters steering slightly left when going forwards or backwards.

Now, that's not a huge problem, and the game is beatable like this, but I really want to get those A ranks which is kind of impossible with this.

So, I searched the internet for any solutions but the problem itself has gotten minor attention. I only found once an answer and it said that the Sonic Adventure 2 game expects the Dreamcast controller to be centered in -4,0 instead of 0,0.

Is there anyone out there with a fix for this? I guess it can be fixed with changing some simple code lines? I would deeply appreciate it.

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