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Hey. I've got hold of some SONY Handycam DCR-SX30E video files here. The camera records to .MPG extension (MPEG-2). Here's the problem:

- Can play in VideoLAN, but...
- Cannot edit/import them with ANYTHING. Tried converting/importing with Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate, VirtualDub and VLC media player converter - All of them either fail to import or they convert to another un-importable format.

Has anyone had any experience with these SONY MPG files?

Does anyone know a program which I can use to tell me exactly which codec I need to get hold of to playback/decode/convert/whatever a video file with? I'd like to have more detailed information about these MPG files.

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Do these MPEG2 videos play in any media players?

Media Player Classic: Home Cinema can be used to figure out the actual codecs being used by right-clicking the video as it's playing and selecting 'Properties'. Then just select the 'Details' tab to see the video/audio/subtitle streams.

Also, VirtualDub won't open MPEG2 videos unless you are using v1.8.0 or later and have the MPEG2 plugin in the 'plugins32' directory. Otherwise, you have to use VirtualDubMod.
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