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Hello Community :D
Usually i use NGEMU just for emu stuf etc...
But today is special!!! Because my PC Primary OS HArddisk DIIIIIIIEEEEEEED ... in vain ^^
At first i got an heart attack because ATM i'm writing my diplom.. whic is uhhmmm kinda pain in the ass because it just refuses to finish itself XD
BUT thank god (or maybe my farseer ability? ;) ) i save the "important" stuff on another Harddisk..
the thing is.. how can i write while my OS Disk is DEAD??? Im on my Linux Live disk :D
I'm using Knoppix 3.8 and it rocks Pretty much, also there is KDE... ( i like Gnome better)
But its just cool DHCP did the Internet for me ^^, Xmms plays my playlists whilewriting here :D
Ah yes and Firefox is browsing :)
with imported Bookmarks all is possible, saving the config to USB Stick :D
only my WC3 session for this evening will not happen :/ also no SFa3 online -_-'
But at least Music Manga and HTTP :)
I think i can say this rocks. Unfortunaly i can't write my Diploma with Linux cause i need to do some .NET Programming which doens't work with Mono...
But thus far a thrilling Linux experience :D
At last a personal suggestion:
If u have a Fujitsu Harddisk... dont put IMPORTANT Data on it.. it will be lost XD
I had now 2 disks, the first 40 GB died 2 years ago, this 20GB dies after 4 years.. and was almost not in use....

BTW: ah yeah and if ur asking urself what is the sense of this thred.. uhmm there is no just me complaining XD , ah yeah and i think... i KNOW i did use too much smilys.. sry ^^°

Cya tonorrow or in a couple of days i hope my win is running till then ;)
wbr Shin Gouki

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Tough luck. Sorry.

My 10 Gb Seagate is still OK after 5 years. Though as of half a year ago, it only houses the Win98 OS and the Ghost image of my XP OS drive. Since Seagate's been of good service, I use a dual partitioned 80 Gb to house the main XP OS one one partition and everything else on the other. If the 80 Gb fails, I'm screwed, but if only the OS goes funky on me, at least I either restore the image or just use the Win98. I'd rather put each OS on its own disk, but I was running out of cash and casing real estate :D. Besides, only a RAID will help you in case of failure anyway.

From what I've *heard*, WINE can do War3 fine, so you can get back to playing once you set things up.

Oh yeah, I also read lately that VS .NET developers were offered a plug-in that allows them to develop web apps on Linux. It's called Grashopper. I dunno it this is what you need though.

Good luck!
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