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Something about Chrono Cross, with the specific plugins!!!! (You should know!)

Well first of all I want to thank Sxamiga for giving me that configuration on Pete's CDR 1.2 plugin (also thanks Pete's, for the great plugin), with the CD-RW drive (no pauses or sound freezes in the mdecs). I wish I found a way of doing the same thing with my DVD-drive:( .
:eek: But anyway, everybody notices the sound problem with Chrono Cross, when using Null2's plugin right. Well I changed the plugin to Pete's Midas Audio Driver 1.7, and you know the introduction mdec in Chrono Cross, well the sounds came out very well:) ,this time, plus using Pete's CDR 1.2, the mdecs run smoothly. Here's my configuration on Pete's SPU plugin (hope it'll be helpful;) );
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