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Someone's last hope

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One day when I opened that avatar thing thread, I started it by saying that :

Now , let's play some logic games
1)Admins made the rules .
2)Spamming/posting adult topics/insulting/etc. are against rules .
3)Admins don't do these .

Therefore Admins follow rules even they are the ones who've made it .
I was referring to the way admins have bigger avatars. But now, I admit that I was really stupid when I said that, thinking that Admins follow rules. As I can see, they don't.

An admin insulted a member for personal reasons, breaking his own rules. Then he acts as if it's his full right to get the thread closed. Why? Because it's a flaming thread (while he was the one who've changed it to one). After that he apologises for everyone except the only guy he has insulted. Proving how kind he is. And before he forgets, he tells that guy that this apology is to every one in the place except him (incase he didn't get it).

I'd like to know from our respected staff, how would they expect members to follow rules when they don't follow the same rules (Noticing that they are the ones who created it btw) ?

That member who was offended, tried to solve the problem in a peacefull way. Even when some other members opened other threads offending the actions took by that admin, he didn't post in these trying to not make the problem bigger. Instead he asked admins to return him his right through private messaging. But seems like it was already done and after nearly a week the whole thing was like the same. And you can summarise the answer he got in this sentence : "The staff decided to move on."

All he asked for is an apology, which he thought he deserved, since it was his right. Not according to his opinion, but according to NGEmu's rules.

Thank you for listening.
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dammit if your still pissed about Reich.

He got a User Note to his profile, meaning 1 strike for him. Your happy now?!

Soemone close this
I can't believe you're still upset about this. This is an online forum and we are only human beings. And yes, it has been handled internally. So here's my advice for you : Get a life instead of stirring more drama here.

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