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some1 read and help me®!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****!!!!!!

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alright i have downloaded epsxe and pec and i want to play wwf smackdown 2 with gameshark codes how do u play smackdown 2 and how do u add codes to pec
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well you need tall the necessary plugins in order to actually play the game. namely the GPU plugins (Pete's or Lewpy's depending on your card). a sound plugin (or use the internal one). a cd plugin (Pete's is good). you need a PSX BIOS but i won't say where. read the FAQs and you'll be up in no time. the PEC plugin is just the same except you redirect your GPU plugin within it. just readthe stuff that the programs come with and you'll understand. good luck.
If you want to add codes for pec download pecedit at
so if i downloaded it from then i have everything i just read?
my computer wont let me download zip files it says COLORTO.exe file is not found so wuts the matter
ne1 know wuts wrong and also how do u configure the BIOs
>ne1 know wuts wrong and also how do u configure the BIOs
Well, firstly, is your computer giving you the "COLORTO.exe" error before or after downloading the zip? I'm willing to bet that the download works correctly and that you don't have a compatible program for opening zip files. Pay a visit to and get a copy of WinZip. Install it with all the default options and try again.

If the problem occurs prior to downloading, the only point of failure I can think of would be a downloading program of some sort. If so, either try right clicking on the link and choosing the appropriate save command or, perhaps, holding down the Shift key, then clicking.

If neither of these solutions work, write down the error message exactly as it appears and tell us what browser you're using.

There's really nothing to configure in your BIOS, just put it in your bios directory and select it in the "BIOS" dialog box off of the main options menu.
Also, to learn all about PEC, go to This is the home page of PEC and the author, JNS, has all the tips and help you could possibly want there.
alright when it gets to 99% it says the error and it comes up having a open cancel and a find button which one do i go to

and the bios thing happens when i try to play a game it says epsxe is not completely configured go to config and bios so help plaez
i am trying to download the rom and emulator at this site and winzip says its an unvalid archive ne idea how to fix

and thanx for the download thing it works
hold on, that page has stuff on zsnes not Epsxe. if you download anything for epsxe or any psx emu, you'd probably want to get it from as for downloading problems, try downloading just anything and if it doesn't work then you should really start working on your computer to get it fixed. good luck.
if i download just the zsnes can i still make anis
no.........look in the pec readme file....... in the zip...... It tells you how to use the thing....... just find some gameshark codes and follow the directions..... and check the faqs at
>unvalid[sic] archive ne idea how to fix
If the download completes without errors it's likely that the zip file is damaged. An option you might want to consider is downloading the emulator and ROM seperately. Though I haven't any idea as to just what the "hacked ROM" they're offering is, you can get the newest version of Zsnes at Seeing as how we've rules regarding illegal materials and the like, I'm afraid you're on your own in finding the ROM you seek.

While we're on the topic of disallowed items, you may want to remove the URL you'd posted, seeing as how there's cracks on the same page.

>and the bios thing happens...
You need to place a valid PSX BIOS (with a .bin extention) in your bios subdirectory. After doing so go to the BIOS section and select the file.
alright where do u get the psx bios from and how do u delete the url i posted

and also my comp says dinput8.dll not found when i try to open znes it also says that when i get on aol something about a library ne idea wuts wrong

and i want to appreciate u guys helping me
>alright where do u get the psx bios
:dramatic music plays: Sorry, can't help you there. Check out the rules of the board.

>and how do u delete the url i posted
Click "edit" under the post you'd made, then just backspace over the URL.

>ne idea wuts[sic] wrong
Get DX8 @
if you want to search bios try
Well I can help as far as cheats are concerned.
I can mail you the single game database of pec for smack2.
if you are interested then mail me:
[email protected].
If your problems are not solved then mail me those problems also .
I can help (in almost any case).
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