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Some slowdown in the impact emulator

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Could someone give me a good configuration on how to improve speed on this emu. I have SFEX+ and the emu takes a while to load, plus theres some slowdown in some parts of the game. I've been following the faq's, but could someone help me here.
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Could you tell me your configuration!!!! It's very urgent!!!
  • Renderer - OpenGL Renderer 1.8
    Fullscreen - Display: 1280x1024x32
    Texture Format - 32 bit
    Texture Caching - Type 3 (most)
    Double Blending, Color Dithering and Bilinear Filtering on. Fast Excel mode off.
  • Sound
    Enable Music on (44100). Everything else off.

[edit - this works at perfect speed for me. your performance will depend on your system specs]
Thanks for the reply Satan.
Yeah I got it to work in a good pace, but is it normal when in the beginning where you load the game in, it takes a while to load. Is this normal!!
Plus I know that some of the psx gpu plugin's work also, plus which controller plugin do you use, I need a plugin where I could configure 3 buttons into 1 button format....
Yes it's normal cause the roms are big and if you don't have at least 128Mb of Ram it will take a while to load(same as NeoRAGEx).
Not at all Raizel my NeorageX loads really good and fast. But if your saying the roms are big your wrong because the game I loaded for impact was SFex+ which is around 10,848kb (zip format), if I loaded a 10 meg game on neorage it would of come out like that.
We could just say that there is some bugs in this emu, but it still plays nice.
So are the programmers going to continue on with there project.
Well no,they stopped the development.
I went to their site and they say that their going to move their development over to mame...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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