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Hello all, I've been trying to get Everquest Online Adventures to connect and play online, but I'm having an issue I can't seem to resolve.

I've followed all the guides to get my backed up copy of EQOA patched up with the Disc ID, and I've grabbed DEV9giga_razi.dll plugin, configured it to my network adapter using the bridged option.

I'm able to manage to set up a network connection using EQOA's connection wizard, I verified all the info at the end and it is all correct. (Used a static IP as I read DHCP doesn't work, even specified the DNS servers manually). The test for the connection even passes successfully!

This is where my problem begins...whenever I go to actually connect to play the game, the screen doesn't move for awhile and than finally informs me that the network adapter isn't connected. Though during the period when the screen doesn't move, lots of stuff is output unto the PCSX console window, but no errors as far as I can tell. After this, going back into the Network connections window it also informs me that there is no hardware connected. And only restarting PCSX entirely allows the network connection wizard to detect my hardware again.

So it seems trying to actually connect is "crashing" the Dev9 plugin or something, any suggestions?

Sorry to trouble everyone, I tried again out of desperateness and it decided to work. Thanks anyway!
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