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Some of my Favorite Scenes

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Some of my favorite FFT scenes

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I Like this one too. Feel sorry for Izlude though.
Agh Nasty cause I lost.............. They had some good attack's I wasn't prepared. Monk's can be very powerful. I know the game inside out, but they still whooped me:D Oh well.
Hell one more! I love this scene it's so eerie....
Hello Efrain. Just a random battle at Grog Hill. Also you can fight 7 or 8 Samurai's at Yuguo Wood's. Fought 9 Level99 Knight's at Mandalia Plain's once. They were maybe tougher than the Monk's. :cool:
You remember the plot battle at Finath River, Chapter 4? Many Chocobo's there! I was level 99 then.... 3 Red's 2 Black's and 2 Yellow's and a Uribo. Luckily I was able to reset until I got More yellow's then Red or Black. That damned Choco Meteor alway's hit even though all my guy's had almost max evade! OOh I cringe when I think about it. Also stealing the barette and cachusha from Celia and Lede on top of Riovanes Castle is pretty damn nasty.
I'll put up some pics of my other games when i play them.
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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