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I noticed the frontpage news has slowed down again. Here is a few for you guys.

SSSPSX 0.0.13 Released - Playstation emulator -

mikeshoup's PCSX2 CVS Compiling Article -

GBAEmuPlus RC1 Released - GBA emulator for the GameCube -

PocketNES 9.98 Released - NES emulator for the GBA -

That should help you get caught up to the latest news. Also be on the lookout for emulators for consoles such as the last two items I mentioned there (PocketNES & GBAEmuPlus) would help getting more news on the mainpage rather then just waiting for the console emulator news such as PCSX2 and so on. Just a suggestion. :)
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and we need an "emulators for the ps2" section and i can help in that part because i have great experience in this sector(i even a moderator in an emulation forum).
Another new release .. WhineCube r6 Released - GameCube emulator -

Also some new Documentation released over at the Dolwin site for reverse engineering of video library. -


Another release:
Azimer's HLE Audio 0.56 WIP 1 Released - Nintendo 64 audio plugin -

*Edit 2*

And another ..
Project64 RDB 1.6x Beta 2 Released - smiff has released a new RBD file for Project64 -

*Edit 3*

New iDeaS WIP Page -
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