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Great News on FpsCE

Ok everybody would like to have some news about FpseCE so here is what you want,

- First FpseCE 0.093 should be released soon, first i'd like to update the readme.txt for all language, so if every who wrote old readme.txt are ok to help me to update.... contact me!
Changes in FpseCE 0.093 are:
- Most of time emulation is faster than previous version
- Sound is available
- Guncon is emulated, to play to timecrisis or like game, very coooool
- Better compatibility
- Screenshot function available
- many other fix and optimisation

In the meantime i can officially announce that Ldchen is working on FpseCE 0.10!!! Firsts results are already very impressive, all game i've tested are already very fast, and this is the beginning as only 10% of 0.10 recompiler possibility are implemented, and HLE is still missing....


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