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Iam new in the forum, hello all, I am a new fan of ePSXe, and Iam from Argentina !!! :)

well.. this is my problem, in games like Resident Evil 3, or Medievil, when someone is talking, the voice sounds really scratchy, and bad... dont know why...

my pc is a P3 750 256 mb, tnt2, and running 1.4.0

plug ins:
video : petes d3d 1.50
audio: nullz audio driver 1.3
cdrom: petes cdr aspi driver 1.4

also, i couldnt find an aproppiate plugin to increase the video quality, and difuse the pixels...

thanks to all !!


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95% sound problem in RE3 Solved

Okay..let's do it like this..
then ***Check the "Enable accurate Cd-Rom timing"***
this one is really important dat u can hear the sound
then..choose the "ePSXe CDR ASPI core1.40"
this one will do a good slowdown
next..goes to's two choice which
do me perfect..either "Pete DSound Audio Driver 1.10"
or "Iori Direct Sound 1.4" nothing inside as it will
already perform perfect job..
on config sound window..
enable CD chacked
enable CD Sound checked
enable XA chacked
enable XA Sound checked
leave the SPU IRQ ...alone
now comes to GPU plig-in..
as u've a TNT card..Pete's OGL is much recommended..
try various setting inside to get u the optimize perfomance..
better read the readme file first..grab the latest display driver. dat everything's ePSXe and run the game.
be Surprise:p
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