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Ok, I've installed Mandrake 10.1 on my laptop (Compaq Armada 3500) . I first tried to get the sound to work (ISA ESS 1869). I searched a lot of time on the net, found out how to "really" make it work using sndconfig.

Now the problem is with xmms and the output plugins. So far, xmms will only play the FIRST song I put in, after it, it will freeze there and won't even load the prog until I restart. The other programs installed are working fine but I reallly want to use xmms..... Aslo, some output plugins simply won't work (like the alsa one)

Another thing, each time I shut down my laptop, when it arrives to
"Stopping PCMCIA:" I get a "Trying to free nonexistant ressource <000002e8-000002ef>". Someone told me it's because my PCMCIA card is still in use, but it stopped just before the eth0 that i'm using on it (Xircom 10/100 + 56K card). Each time, I need to shut it down manually since it hangs there each and every time.


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It's been a while since I dealt with Mandrake...not sure if the kernel recompile requires different steps than with gentoo or slackware....

For starters, ALSA plugin is probably not working because Mandrake uses OSS by default. My suggestion is that you should disable OSS and go all ALSA (with OSS support if needed). This link should be extremely helpful with installing ALSA with your specific card:

about your PCMCIA problem....I have no clue... :p But those problems are usually caused by incorrect settings in the kernel or something that your card needs is disabled
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