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  • Adjustable Buffer size in the SPU Plugin (will prevent crackling on integrated audio such as Realteks AC97

  • Read Caching in CDR Plugin + Use 4mb Cache (will prevent disk read pauses)

  • Limit Speed of CDRom (Prevents disk read errors and minimizes the risk of the Exploding PSX Disk phenomenon.
  • Audio CD Reading capability. (It looks like by not emulating this, Audio CD's are not working in games that can support inserting audio cd's, I believe PsxAuthor can help with this.)
  • If possible, fix the bug between Sapu's and Xevens CDR plugins Subchannel reading and ePSXe.
  • Detect Disk changes via IOCTL drive state changes, it appears that via ioctl, it is possible for the plugin to detect drive state changes, for instance
  • when IOCTL reports DISK_OK, the Plugin would be able to detect the disk has changed and inform the emulate to update allowing seemless disk changes,

  • Deadzone sliders to set deadzone variables for each controller type (excl mouse)

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I agree with the disc status reading feature, would be a neat thing to have as you wouldn't have to tell ePSXe that you swapped the disc.
For those who wouldn't want to use the feature maybe some checkbox could be added to internal CDR plugin to toggle it on/off.
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