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Some good Cosplay pics

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I know there was a old thread about this but i think making new one is better than reviving old one...

second last one is just scary how much it looks like a doll
last one is LOL :p and that guy isnt even trying to cosplay :lol:
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Some of those are pretty cool. Must take a while to make costumes like that oO The last one rocks! lol :p
I agree the last one rocks!!
lol i dont think the last one was cosplay on purpose >.<
lol, me neither it's just random subway cosplay hehe.
lol, Poor guy xD. 2nd one is great though.

I thought Urara was pretty good too.
Mr. Satan is tha best!!!
I am not into this...cosplay? For what?
fireblaster_lyz said:
I am not into this...cosplay? For what?
Most likely because you are not an Otaku.
hahaha... the only one I know is Supergirl and Mr. Satan even without the costume :D
he i only know 4 of them.

And what are the odds that someone looks like mr satan :p Such a long face and tha hair oO
ROFL, the Mister Satan cosplay.. ^^°
the other ones are ok
but there was a thread here, there were lots which were better.
wbr Shin Gouki
Hey, not too bad.

Here are some I found interesting. (its hard to find good Akumajou Dracula cosplay)
that mecha roX, it's a costume? :thumb:
That's a cosplay of Freedom Gundam ( Gundam SEED ) , it's my favorite so to speak :p

I know that's Gundam, but dunno which one :p
Damn yea that gundam owns ! must be alot of work to make it. Verry nice !!

haha got this pic of a quite bad gundam costume.
Where are the Felicia (Darkstalkers) cosplays???
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