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some general questions...VuRec, Reg Caching

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I was wondering: What exactly are VuRec, Reg Caching?
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VU = Vector Unit
Rec= Recompiler

So basically it makes the Vectors or "3D" Run faster by reading a bunch of Commands at one time and doing the PC version of those grouped commands using MMX and SSE.

Reg Caching is Register Cashing. The Registers are 128 bit and the PC currently can only do 32/64. By cashing these and not having to read them over and over saves alot of CPU cycles making it faster. As far as I know it doesnt work yet :p
then would two 64-bit cores be able to work out the 128-bit Registers?
Kinda... but remember, even if your pc had a 128-bit core, the Playstation 2 would still be faster than it...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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