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I stumbled upon a few very nice things that I wanted to share.

Some things might be of help to the Chankast users here, other things are just for the ppl here that are still using their real DC.

1. VMzip v1.0.0 released

VMzip is a program that you can burn onto a disc and boot it in your DC. Screenshots can be found here . This program let's you compress the DC save files on your memory card. As you know the VMU only has 200 blocks, while Shenmue takes up 80 of it, and certain games even up to 191 blocks. Some results show that especially with larger files alot of space can be saved, but to smaller files it won't be making much difference, and there is a risk of the files getting larger (some files like SA2 are already compressed). Here's a list of some examples:
Name_______Original Save_____Compressed
Hydro Thunder______8_______________4
Sonic Adv. 2_______18______________20
Magnetic Neo_______3_______________3
Virtua Tennis________2_______________3
NBA2k2 __________157______________48
Controls: (A) selects, (B) cancel, (X) calculate compressed/decompressed file size, (Y) credits

Here's a link to the discjuggler image (CDI)

Remember that you can not use the compressed files to play, this is only to compress savefiles you want to keep when not playing a game. It seems to be a good alternative if you don't have a way to store the files on a pc.

This is the website of the author of VMUzip. It might be interesting to the chankast users as there's quite some info to be found about ripping games, and there are tons of savefiles available in the .VMS and .VMI file format. I don't know if there is any way to convert them to the file format Chankast is using, but if there is one, pay a visit to this website if you're in need of a savegame :)

(Edit: I tried to do something about the list, however I still don't know how to create a nice one :laugh:
And if someone thinks this should belong somewhere else feel free to move it, I just didn't want this to be overlooked :) )
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