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some advice please

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hi, sorry for my english

i created this account just minutes ago to ask for some advice

my pc is not really good, but i think it should be enough for pcsx2

2gb ddr2
amdx2 64 5200+
ati radeon shapire 4830 512 ddr2

after looking for HOURS i finally configured pcsx2 for playing mgs3 ... the only problem left is the permormance it's about 30-40 fps as general and in cinematic ("jack i have some news"...) is really low... 15 or less fps
i'm using a graphics plugin called gsdx9 (msvc 14.00 sse2) and sound plugin peops spu2 1.9.0 both correctly configured
PD: 25-40 fps using "bird camera" form up ... when i put the camera at a lower lever like frontal ... fps go down to 20 or less

maybne my pc it's at its limits ... i hope is only a configuration/plugin problem

thank you
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Yep. PC limits. MGS3 is pretty heavy on the system.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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