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After the new update (Fortnite ver. 12.21-CL-12353830 Windows) today 24/03/2020 I got an error about the xinput1_3.dll I am using for the x360ce_x64 emulator.

Error : Unknown file version (Your Fortnite Game PAth\xinput1_3.dll)


Because I spend almost 6 hours to find the solution, I thought to write it here to save your time.

First of all, the root of the problem was the EasyAntiCheat application is using EPIC's game Fortnite. The previous anti-cheat application BattlEye works just fine with the x360ce's custom file of xinput1_3.dll without problems.

So, after the new update, EPIC enabled the EasyAntiCheat application and that's how I got the problem. EasyAntiCheat checks the current game directory for external files and when it finds the xinput1_3.dll which of course is not signed from Microsoft, you get this error. How to bypassing this?

1) Under C:\windows\system32 folder find this file and take the ownership. If you don't know search Google for "How to Take Ownership of Files and Folders in Windows"

2) Copy the xinput1_3.dll and x360ce.ini you created from the x360ce application inside the C:\windows\system32 directory

Now you are ready to continue using your favorite gamepad controller.

I also attached two .bat files to Enable/Disable Xbox emulator by restoring Microsoft's original xinput1_3.dll file when you need it.*

**Delete the TXT extension from the attached files to use them and change the windows path if it is not installed at C:\Windows

Hope It helps,


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