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I press ESC, click File -> States -> Save (in PCSX2 GUI),
then try to load saved game,
and then always get a "Savestate corrupt" error:

Encountered an error while loading savestate from slot 0.
Since the savestate load was incomplete, the emulator has been reset.

Error: Savestate data is corrupted or incomplete
        Filename: Tag: mtgs

If this happens to you, always use hotkeys instead of GUI menus:
F1 to save, F3 to load, and F2/Shift+F2 to cycle savestates

If this is a known problem, please add it to FAQs everywhere.
If this is a bug not only I experienced, please post it to the official bug thread: I could not find it there, nor my registration mail arrived yet.

It happens to me regardless of CPU, speedhack, SPU, ISO, GPU (GSDX only - because ZeroGS doesn't allow ESC-pausing) settings on 0.9.6 and r1888 with just SSE2 on XPSP3 running "Disgaea 1: Hour of Darkness".

(I will not answer questions on this thread because I rarely browse these forums. Click here to contact me instead, if required.
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