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Soldat and the Third Eye

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Okay, i know at least 2 persons should ignore this thread. They really should.


okay, now those non-believers are gone. :lol:
Anyway, who knows the game soldat? I know I do. Who knows about the Third Eye. Yes i know it doesn't exist scientifically. STFU if you want to prove that. Only those who know about it's existance can find it. I've been searching for a while, and found out that it's usuable in soldat. Actually it's a very easy game to start try to using it. Here's how:

First, just need the regular install of soldat. second, you need to know how to really relax. REALLY RELAX! If you have those 2 things, you can start to use the Third Eye. So how do you actually do that?

"This is nonsense, no such thing as Third Eye"
"I can't do that, sounds much to hard"
"I'm not interested"

If you have any thoughts that resemble the above, you can stop trying. Any doubt will prevent you from using the Third Eye completely. Unless you have the amazing intuition for it. Those people should train their Third Eye for cool real life stuff.

Okay, here's the true explanation. It's the most easy thing you'll ever do. First, take the barret(weapon 8). It's most easy gun to learn this with. start an arena(preferably 3 for the air-combat). Add 1 bot so you can learn in all ease. You are now set up to learn the ultimate shooting technique.(yes it works in every fscking game, this is just the most easy game to do this.) Now the bot will just run around trying to kill you, and you should do the same ;).

Now comes the difference from the normal shot that could miss. The moment you spot the bot, relax everything except the running of course, and make sure the bot will cross the line between you and the pointer during that run or jump. Relax, just relax. Don't try to actively shoot that bot. If you do you won't use the Third Eye for the shot, just your normal intuition. Relax even more. Just instruct your finger to make the kill in your relaxation.

If you did it right, the result is 100% accuracy. It's just DAMN hard keeping that relaxation up. A simple "YES I DID IT" is enough to stop the relaxation. If you did get that 100% accurate shot without trying, you know you are on the right path. Get used to it, and try to summon that feeling on command. After a while, it's usuable in other games. Now summon the same feeling in UT2004 for example. I played instagib. Again the same 100% accuracy. But a lot harder to maintain.

I discovered/developed this skill at a lan, and no kidding, during the relaxation my accuracy was 100%. During relaxation i'm not even paying attention to the screen, just doing what my feeling tells me. Trying to take a look to take a peek how you are doing means destroying the relaxation. I told this to another person, his rate of actual hits in UT2004 instagib increased by 3 times. He was amazed he could even do that.

I hope more people will learn this kinda nifty skill. For i have found it it's just not a bot it can predict ;) It can even predict stuff from reality itself. But that is even more hard. And of course, your feeling can fail too, but that's not because it failed. You doubted it, didn't you? ;)

And for the people who started using this skill and want to use it in another fashion in soldat: with this predictive ability, you can toss grenades 100% accurate, and with the M79(weapon 7) you can start the most destructive grenade/explosion combo. my best was trapping someone in between 3 grenades and exploding them all with the M79. It does require at least a 7 second relaxation.

Happy hunting :thumb:
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Well, this means I had been using my third eye for some time then :p

most of the time on CS, once I start mind goes thinking other things of my normal life...and I go on playing and killing and killing and usually end up with highest kills all the time. BUt someone tells me, "To Bring it on"....and then when I concentrate on the game, I literally suck :p
I dont know about this third eye youre talking about, sorry.....
are you sure you didnt buy a new optical mouse? that improves accuracy.
Nope, it's not bound by input device. It's quite easy actually. There's a line between the crosshair and you. If you learn to feel something passing that line, you can kill anything.
If you learn the same feeling for the grenades, you will survive more encounters, and kill even better. Like throwing 2 grenades, where the first will push the soon to be dead person into the second :evil:

BUt someone tells me, "To Bring it on"....and then when I concentrate on the game, I literally suck
Of course, you describe subconcious aiming. If you try to do it conciously you will notice how flawed you actually are. If you notice you suck, just stop playing/thinking for a while, until your thoughts calmed down. And again, just let your feeling guide you. It's more accurate than your eyes alone.
spamm0r :D

So, tried it yet? ... did you REALLY try it?
no, but I think on a few occasions I was "zone-ing" in shmups and some racers though. But I guess that's kind of different. or not?
it isn't. Same thing. Worst thing what could happen that you would play godlike for a couple of seconds ;) Try to zone out playing games :D
Third eye huh.. what you just describing is just relieving you from the stress that usually makes you lose concentration and accuracy, then using simple logic and inference to predict the opponent's path. After a while you win the practice needed for such a simple task, and you become able to do it automatically :nod:
Hey Proto, I think that you and me were the persons he wanted to ignore his thread :p
me? how so? :heh:

... well I just felt like pointing out one or two things. After all, a thread titled th3 third eye is too tempting to let it pass like that... BTW what are you doing here? :p
I came just to share some of the fun :p

Anyway, I never said that I disagreed with ya' ;)
ah, the main cast has arrived. Proto, you just completely missed the point, and should really leave this thread, before you embarress yourself even more. I wouldn't ask a blind person to guide me by sight either. ;)

Then again, i expected you to do that. But boltz and proto, if you don't know what you are talking about, and simply want to prove it doesn't exist, i'll even agree with you. There is no organ for it. That said, it still exists. So yet again, i'll state it: it's not somewhere easily found.

Using this in the topic: trying to use logic will get you quite some hits. but it doesn't allow for a 100% accuracy, since your concious is prone to error.
I'm didnt even said that there wasn't a third eye at all (even when I don't believe in it at all). All I said is that what you described has a perfectly, yet simple explanation. Ever heard of Occum's (sp?) Razor? :p
but you didn't describe it at all actually...

you just described another way of doing the same thing. I just found it to be inferiour (sp?) in my case ;)
Then either I read it wrong or you are lacking a little in your explanation... either way I got the point, I'm out of here since you seem so admant about it. However, I still suggest you to follow the piece of advise that the Occum's Razor instructs ^_^
It's Occam's Razor, Proto ;)

BTW, I haven't attempted to analyze this thing seriously. I've learned to dismiss this new age, self-help stuff a long time ago. I'm only interested in rigorous studies now.
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