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Anyone following this tournament? As a US soccer fan I was pretty nervous in the final 20 minutes of the Egypt game and Brazil vs Italy. At the beginning of the day I never expected the US to advance. After how bad they played the first 2 games I would have been happy with a good game against Egypt. It was unlikely they would advance as they had to beat Egypt by 3 goals and have Brazil do the same to Italy. Turns out thats exactly what happened.

I work with a few guys from Mexico and they have been giving me crap about the first 2 games and even made excuses about the Egypt game saying Egypt is a bad team and Spain is going to win easy.
you guys had some luck there, if Italy scored one goal you got bye bye.
Egypt was a strong team in front of Brazil and Italy, i don't know what happened on the 3nd match.
I wanted to say, "I wonder why Mexico is not playing in the confederations cup?" :eyemove: :lol:
o rly?
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