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I have looked around a bit, and people are mentioning the levitate code, to get past the damn fence. I know that you can convert the gameshark codes you find around...And i have seen how to do it. But i decided first now to try it, and the specific thread where that was explained, seems to have vanished for me. I don´t even remember which thread it was in. So i´m asking you fine people, could you post the code? Or at least point me in the right direction as to how i convert the gameshark codes?

I have searched around just a BIT (I know, shame on me, but bug off, i´m leaving. I got weightlifting. between 5 and 8;)). So can you help me out here?

EDIT: Yikes, messed up the thread title. I know what the levitate code is for, i just don´t know what the converted code is.
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