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So this is all legal? (Some Questions)

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I'm just wondering... So it's legal to use or make an emulator but its ILLegal to download the actual games?

Also, does this emu come with a BOIS? Sry, im not very experianced with all this emulator stuff :( If so does that mean that i can just go to the store, buy a game like UC2 and put it in my drive and play it?

oh, just readed this:
To get the XBE files out of your retail game you must either; A)Have the hacked DVD-ROM firmware which enables your PC DVD-ROM player to read Xbox DVDs, or B) Use your modded Xbox to dump the game itself.

But how do i play a game then? Must i change the firmware in my dvd-rom? :(
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>I've connected my xbox to my computer but the quality isnt great.

TV card quality is really quite poor. You might want to consider buying a S-Video VGA box like this one to get decent quality.

>So i was wondering how do i make the emu play a DVD?

Video or game? Your post on this seems a little ambiguous
>I'm using S-Video already....

Dude, a VGA box. Not a TV card. TV cards decode in your PC and display the image via overlay on the monitor. VGA boxes hook directly up to the monitor and have infinately higher quality.

>And erm, then how do i play a game?!?!

As mentioned, only tuvok, sorry Turok works.
> First of all the picture quality was bad

The picture quality is not bad if you set the Dip switches right. It's not as good as the $100 big boxes or a progressive scan box, or a device specific box, but it does the trick and is quite adequete.

>and even the pass through gave me "shadows" in any resolution higher than 800x600.

Any sub $100 VGA box will do that, even the device specific ones. I don't use the pass through myself. As I have to unhook the monitor to use my DC anyway, I do the same for my PS2/Xbox if I'm not using my other monitor.
Never had the issues you described. Leads me to believe you just had a faulty product. It's warm to the touch, but never dangerously hot, and I never experienced page tearing issues.
I'd look at a number of reviews before forking out for an expensive box.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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