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So this is all legal? (Some Questions)

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I'm just wondering... So it's legal to use or make an emulator but its ILLegal to download the actual games?

Also, does this emu come with a BOIS? Sry, im not very experianced with all this emulator stuff :( If so does that mean that i can just go to the store, buy a game like UC2 and put it in my drive and play it?

oh, just readed this:
To get the XBE files out of your retail game you must either; A)Have the hacked DVD-ROM firmware which enables your PC DVD-ROM player to read Xbox DVDs, or B) Use your modded Xbox to dump the game itself.

But how do i play a game then? Must i change the firmware in my dvd-rom? :(
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yeah, thats right. I don't own an xbox... oh wel...

I wonder. Do i really have to buy one when i've got a PC.... =/
Chrono Archangel said:
playing on a console is just not the same as PC... gather a few friends a case of 24 and youll have much more fun then any games on PC :p
nah :p If i want to do that then i'll host a LAN Party ;)
Yes... i know that. But erm, i decided to buy one since it only costs 150 Euro now ... I've connected my xbox to my computer but the quality isnt great. So i was wondering how do i make the emu play a DVD? When i enter it in my drive i see no XBE just a video folder...
I'm using S-Video already....

And erm, then how do i play a game?!?!
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