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So this is all legal? (Some Questions)

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I'm just wondering... So it's legal to use or make an emulator but its ILLegal to download the actual games?

Also, does this emu come with a BOIS? Sry, im not very experianced with all this emulator stuff :( If so does that mean that i can just go to the store, buy a game like UC2 and put it in my drive and play it?

oh, just readed this:
To get the XBE files out of your retail game you must either; A)Have the hacked DVD-ROM firmware which enables your PC DVD-ROM player to read Xbox DVDs, or B) Use your modded Xbox to dump the game itself.

But how do i play a game then? Must i change the firmware in my dvd-rom? :(
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Kane said:
TV card quality is really quite poor. You might want to consider buying a S-Video VGA box like this one to get decent quality.
I bought that exact one just for fun a couple of months ago, and I highly don't recommend it. First of all the picture quality was bad, and even the pass through gave me "shadows" in any resolution higher than 800x600.

It actually was so badly made that the whole thing caught fire, good thing I was home at the time. oO

Anyway, thats my experience, I'm sure you can find a better one even though it might cost a bit more.
Kane said:
The picture quality is not bad if you set the Dip switches right. It's not as good as the $100 big boxes or a progressive scan box, or a device specific box, but it does the trick and is quite adequete.
Really? I just couldn't get it quite right... too much, uhm "page tearing" (in lack of a better description). Any tips mate? I just might give it another go, or maybe you can recommend another product.

Kane said:
Any sub $100 VGA box will do that, even the device specific ones. I don't use the pass through myself. As I have to unhook the monitor to use my DC anyway, I do the same for my PS2/Xbox if I'm not using my other monitor.
I don't mind paying for quality. This was mostly a test. However, if I do pay $100+ for something like this a "working" pass through is a must. :)

Anyway, have you had any problems with it getting hot? I find it a bit alarming that it acctually caught fire, might just have been my bad luck (it think it was a short circuit, probably because some Einstein had used some sort of sandpaper inside it. To cover what kind of ic-circuit it uses I´ll bet.) :cry:

Sorry for the OOT, move it if you must.
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