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Well, it is nothing really special. It is a Nokia 6210 Navigator, and I wanna have fun with it...

So, the things I wanna know is:

Is it possible to access it's BIOS? If so, what kind of settings would be available. I have already found a way to overclock it, but if you know an easy way, instructions would be welcome.

Is it possible to upgrade it's hardware? Like... adding RAM, unlocking support for more powerful SD cards (not limited to 8GB... I'm not using all this,but you never know what kind ofthingsI will try on this...). Something that would be nice is adding a touchscreen to it.

So, any suggestions on hacking/modding it would be nice. ^^

Current OS is Symbian S60 v3... may try using Linux with it, if I have the time/will to do so.

Specs of cell phone: Nokia USA - Nokia 6210 Navigator - Products

Also, how are you people doing? Some time since I last ventured myself through this area... :p

Well, see you. And thanks for your attention. ^^
The phone doesn't really have a BIOS... it has a firmware if that matters at all... and usually, the firmware package comes with the default OS, which is Symbian. :p

You might be able to tweak certain aspects by modifying the firmware package (sorry, how you obtain one isn't something I can and will discuss so you're on your own with that one) and so on... but common sense leaves it alone for fear of bricking the phone. :p

Actually, I think you should give it a rest at this point, maybe look for an N-gage install tutorial (I've heard that you can hack N-Gage onto the 6210 but I never had a phone to try) so you can get N-Gage and be able to play all those fancy looking games on the N-Gage network, or... just go for Java games and apps. There are a lot of those around. :)
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