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Well you know what that means;

Again we will be blessed with the SNK arranged soundtracks. Hope they'll come out with the "Mark of the Wolves" soundtrack already, nearly all the original music rocks; dying for a arranged one now.
Plus Metal Slug 3 (Mission 2, soundtrack rocks), and Sengoku 3 (Japan Stage)..............

Due to the flood of illegal products and companies illigitimately claiming to hold SNK product rights while SNK was under their temporary seizure, control over piracy will be taken. With the new Structure of SNK, PC emulator games/ROMs and game boards not released with permission through SNK NeoGeo Korea will be determined as illegal. Illegal products/boards can be easily be determined in the future, as legitimate products in the (Korean?) market will now hold the logo of "SNK NEOGEO KOREA".
I didnt know they ever were legal in the first place , but ok :p
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