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I fixed an off-by-one scanline bug in the NTSC filter on mixed-mode screens, such as the hires textboxes found in a few Japanese-only RPGs; added a new Pixellate2x filter that essentially makes sure the output is 512x448 using nearest-neighbor sampling; and extended Scale2x, LQ2x and HQ2x to support mixed-mode screens without falling back on the direct filter. The last one stops a rather jarring transistion when these hires text boxes would pop up or disappear.

The new version is on the bsnes download page. You can extract snesfilter.dll from the archive and put it in with v054 and it will work. Or just wait for the next release, either way.

On the bsnes side, many new things. First, MinGW GCC 4.4 has PGO support, it just doesn't generate the *.gcno files anymore. Would be nice if someone mentioned that somewhere, but whatever. Unfortunately, using it doesn't really speed things up. Seems the 4.4 series simply moved PGO optimizations to standard optimizations or something, who knows.

Next, I've updated the custom file browser to accept text-input in the path selection box; which allows access to network shares, hidden folders, and the like. Qt 4.6.0-beta1 fixes the style sheet inheritance problem at long last, so once again I've removed all the extra code that was required to work around that bug, simplifying the GUI code a good bit.

I've also added caching for the Mode7 registers to the scanline renderer, which fixes a few stray pixels that show up on the title screen in NHL '94.
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