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Softdev has updated Snes9x GX for the Gamecube. It now supports games in Hi-Res 512x224, Joliet Browser (when loading roms from DVD) added too.

There is an option to stop the DVD motor too (nice to have it be quiet), this will stop you from loading any roms from DVD though if you use PSO or SDload since it seems it can't spin up the motor again (maybe it can be fixed in a future version).

[ What's New ]

* Supports Hi-Res 512x224
* Joliet Browser

[ Features ]

* Port of SNES9X v1.43
* Fullscreen Graphics
* Sound Emulation
* SRAM Manager
* DVD Loading
* 1-4 Player Support
* Mode 7 Supported
* Super FX Supported
* SDD1, SRTC, SA-1 Supported
* DSP1 & DSP2 Supported
* Partial DSP4 Support
* WIN32 & Linux Binaries

Due to support reasons please download and discuss in it's official release thread. Furthermore, the sourcecode is offered in this thread.

Discuss & Download Win32, Linux and Source: Here

*sorry for the dupe post, but was in a rush and didn't see the submit news forum*
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