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I been playing secret of mana for a while, i just beat it and want to play other games in same fighting format as secret of mana. For all of you that played secret of mana know what im talking about.

Even if itsot in secret of mana format i dont care. Just a good game with a good story line and something to thats fun play

some games i played are

secret of evermore
breathe of fire 1/2
chrono trigger
tomba ( i know its on ps1)

games of that nature :lol::lol:

Throw me some games HOLLLAA

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play secret of mana sequel on snes, it has been translated its officially called seiken denetsu 3 meaning there is a prequel of secret of mana on the gameboy and the official english release is called final fantasy adventure.

also there is an offical remake of the prequel on the gba called sword of mana, while i like the gba version, i just like the gameboy version more for somewhat reason.

also try brave fencer musashi on ps1 and its sequel musashi legends on ps2.

also try out dawn of mana on ps2, its not great like secret of mana or its sequel it is still a good game
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