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Snes Roms on psx??

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just wondering if you can use snes roms on your psx and if you can how please??

My psx is chipped tp play pal/ntsc games if that helps
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i dont think so ... i think DC can do emulation on the console -because DC is far more advance than PSX-:D
I believe there was some project to port snes9x over to the psx or write their own or something like that but I think it died recently, so you're kind of stuck I guess.
I want to say That I had a snes emu for th psx for Donkey Kong Country.

But It wasnt working very well.
So it s possible to do that.
I have found plenty of emus for the psx.
They run pretty well but I don t know If I have the right of putting the web adress here.(If U see what I mean....)
I ll check first the opinion of the administrators.
Originally posted by 404
i dont think so ... i think DC can do emulation on the console -because DC is far more advance than PSX-:D
DC can do the emulation because it uses windows ce as it os so it is much more easier to code proggie for it than for psx

Not exactly, and FYI, a large chunk of current emulators that run on the DC (not all) are either in pure SH4 C/ASM, and not using WinCE..
It's all in the realm of possibility. You would just need to be a expierienced programmer who has a team of people who have a very good understanding of both the psx and the snes. It would not be easy, but it would be possible.
This might be interesting... The first prototype of the PlayStation (NOT the PSX) had the little SNES ROM thingy built in so you could play them on the PS. They took it out, and the system that they decided to go with (the PSX) is the console we know and love today :)

BTW, the only reason Sony could have that on their system was because of their contract with Nintendo a while back when they were developing a CD-ROM drive for the SNES. Sony got the rights to use SNES ROMs with its new system... They also developed the sound chip that came with the SNES... :eyemove:

[ Got this info from the PSX tech docs by Joshua Walker ]
The only game I don't notice the slowdown on the SNES9X port is Fist of the North Star 7. Of course, it would be impossible to tell unless it's going at a frame every four seconds. I've been playing Goku Den 2, it runs fairly well. Anyway, if Square can do it, that means other people can do it too. But I haven't heard much about it, I'm just not interested in it.
Please where i can find the port of SNES9x for PSX? It'a dead project? I want to try it on my PSX.. Do you know also if there is the source available? I code on PSX and i want to try to improve it if possible and if i have the consense of the authors....

Thanks in advance...
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